Hello everyone, and welcome to Life Transforming Foundation's website! Here, we will be updating you on what's happening with the band, particularly for our upcoming Winter Asia Tour! In the last year, there have been many changes in our lives. However, there is one thing that has not changed: our desire and passion to spread the good news of Christ, and to live boldly for Him! 

Last year, the A Time For Everything Tour taught me a very important lesson: there is power in our personal testimonies that can only come from God. During that tour I chose to give a testimony about the peace of God that helped me get through a difficult time. Even though I was giving a testimony that transformed me, I did not think that the people attending the praise night event would be able to make a personal connection because my situation was very unique. In addition to that, the first time I gave my testimony was to a Chinese congregation so I had to say the whole thing in Chinese! However on that night, something miraculous happened. After the event was over, a young woman came up to me and told me that she was going through EXACTLY what I had experienced, and that hearing my testimony helped to calm her deepest worries. In that moment, my heart sank. Why was that? Because I realized that I had been doubting the power of personal testimonies, and in addition to that, those doubts also belittled the supremacy of God. Immediately, I thought of the passages of the Bible where Jesus called His followers, “Oh You of little faith,” and I thought to myself, “Lord, I am so sorry for having such little faith in You.”

As we prepare our music and testimonies for this winter tour, I am continually humbled through experiences of falling short, and understanding that there is a desperate need for me to change.  I know that my experiences and the quality of my testimonies means nothing if the focus is not on God, and so I hope that LTF and its members will be in your prayers as we prepare for our winter tour, and strive to transform others as we are transformed ourselves.

God bless!