As I was sitting in the old little trailer where our Friday night Bible study takes place in Tucson, I realized that God has blessed me with something I couldn't have foreseen nor come close to expecting. I was sitting amongst a group of people that had been with me through my early years of growth and even until now as I'm almost done with college. God has allowed each and every one of us the opportunity to meet together at least once a year. It's not much until you realize how varied each of our lives are and where each of us are in our various stages of life. Right after our brief summer tour, all of us were in different cities except for two of us. We each had different directions and different paths that God was leading us on, yet He still has constantly provided us the opportunity to serve and worship together at least once a year. The way that God has brought this band together time and time again has provided me with a family that I appreciate even more now.

They're funny. They're witty. They're sarcastic. They're loving. They're my brothers and sisters in Christ and most of all, they're my family.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this summer and winter.