Welcome to LTF's blog! We're super thrilled to be sharing with everyone the journey through which God will be taking us as we anticipate our winter tour to Asia at the end of this year. Ever since the beginning of this year, every member of our band has been mindful about the possibility of serving together, and now it's actually going to happen!

The band in preparation for our California 2012 tour.

For me, I'm very thankful and excited about LTF's plans for the winter. Not only will it be a time that we, as a band, can get back together and share our original music, but it will also be a time when we can expect God's hand to move: in our own lives, in the music that we write, and in the hearts of all who listen and are open to His voice. 

Recently, God's taught me that transformation always begins with the realization of our true identities in Christ. What do you describe yourself as when people ask you who you are? A student? A certain ethnicity or gender? A friend?

In God's eyes, we're nothing less than his precious daughters and sons, washed clean by the blood of Jesus if only we believe. What this royal identity does is that it frees us to remember that we have a higher calling each day to live in a way that honors our Heavenly Father. It releases us from what other people may think, and gives us encouragement that God wants the best for us. He wants to be in complete relationship with us, so that we can better love others as well.

Throughout this summer as LTF practices for our winter tour, I am hopeful and excited for God to transform our hearts in preparation to meet all of you! Our God is alive, and he has new mercies for us everyday. Let's expect transformation, one day at a time. 

<3 Harmony