Hello everyone! It's been a long time since we've posted, yet again, but I'm excited to say that we've gotten the band together once again this past winter and have been working on news songs once again! It's always amazing that we as a band continue to have the chance to meet together a couple times a year, especially since we're all so far from each other now. God really has blessed each of us with the unique privilege of being able to fellowship together, regardless of how different our current paths are, or how far our paths have led us physically apart from each other. Writing songs is never the same with us, and this time around, the songs were different from what we've had in the past, but they've been just as - if not even more - enjoyable to work on with everyone. I think that as we learn to compose and form these songs around a more personalized foundation, we feel each song much more and we have a heightened ability to relate to each song through the message that each song carries and attempts to deliver. I constantly thank God for the people that He has placed within our band, and it comes as no surprise that these people all mean so incredibly much to me as my closest family in Christ. I look forward to our next opportunity to serve together with an eager heart. But until then, time to focus on our current album in progress!

All the best,