It's been quite a while since I've written on here, but it feels great to be back in touch the LTF Website. In any case, Winter Break has just started, and I'm super excited to start making the best of my first Christmas in Tucson since I don't know how long! Since most people will be talking about the spirit of Christmas and the importance of God and Jesus during this time of year, I'll focus more upon the impact that God has had within in my life leading up to this time. Recently, I've been struggling to keep a good balance in my life and a healthy relationship with my parents, my friends, my girlfriend, and my homework. I'm pretty sure that my Senioritis hit me very early on, as unfortunate as it is to say that. However, I do still try to maintain good grades and to get by with an average GPA so that my parents don't get upset or worried - for the most part, I've managed it too. However, it's been a rough journey this past month trying to stay close to God. I'm not sure exactly what it is that has managed to get between my relationship with Him, but I'm sure that it's a combination of my own confusion in trying to figure out what direction I was supposed to go and how I could figure out everything in my head. Ultimately, after many Bible study sessions with my dad reading through the book of Proverbs, I was able to have a good, deep talk with him. My dad gave me the confidence and the courage that I needed to sort things out; it turned out that I should just allow for God to take care of everything and I could stop worrying so much about everything. This idea soothed my heart more than I can describe, but I'm extremely grateful to God and my dad for providing me with this peace leading up to Winter Break. I hope you see this as a good reminder to make sure to make room for God and to allow for Him to lead you, instead of trying to take the front. Have a great break! God bless, Yee