Hey everyone! I know it has been a very long time since we have posted so I apologize for the silence! As of now, our LTF group is preparing for our New Years Eve concert which will take place the Tucson's First Southern Baptist Church.  The night will consist of worship, a sermon, a time for prayer, as well as testimonies.  We have been preparing for this, and praise God that Jonathan Koh is coming here on the 27th to help work with us! In the past year, many things have happened with our group.  Ryan has gone, dropping our group to 5 members, but despite this loss we are still doing our best.  Through our group Bible studies, we have continued to not only grow in our musical skills, but also spiritually.  There have been times of great joy (to the point where we are laughing until tears come out) as well as moments of struggle.  However, God is good and He has made our team stronger and more like a family! Over the summer, LTF went on "break" because Meixuan went to Singapore for an internship and I went to Italy to study abroad.  When I came back from Italy, Lan Fong and Tim gave me and a friend the opportunity to go their factory in China to start a 5  week long English Summer Camp for the children there.  It was truly an eye opening experience since I am aspiring to become a teacher.  More than that, we were able to bring God's stories and love to the children there who have never heard of Jesus.  God can work wonders... and I pray that we were able to plant a seed in those children's hearts.  There are so many people in the world who need Him.  We, living in America, are so blessed to be able to come to church, go to school, and to be with our families.  Over there, a lot of the children can only see their parents for a small amount of time because their parents have to work within the city, and the kids are not allowed to attend the schools in that area.  We are so blessed, but often times we forget that and we begin to take things for granted.  I really really miss the children there, and I hope that they don't forget who God is as they grow up in such a harsh environment!! Alright well that's all I have to share for now! God bless you all and Merry Christmas!