Hi everyone. I hope everyone's week is going by well. Sometimes during the middle of the week I feel like it's hardest to get out of the midst of everything that's happening and remember that no matter what, God is the same and my purpose in life is the same. Especially when the week is busy and not everything goes smoothly the way you were hoping or expecting,  it's really easy to start focusing on yourself and not on God's bigger plan for you. I realize this. But the truth is, there are always things I should be thankful for:

HOPE that no matter what happens, God still has a plan for me.

FAMILY & FRIENDS that God puts around me to help me.

OPPORTUNITIES to use the gifts that God has given me.

BLESSINGS too many to count.


Sleep. Food. The fact that every day is different. The One who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world. The fact that every single person is different yet God loves us all the same. :) There are more, but these are the first 10. Like Yee, I've been busier than ever this year trying to get things ordered, but everything has fallen into place somehow through God's planning.

Trusting in God is the key, Harmony.

Thanks, guys! See you Saturday. :) Keep working hard!