Hello Everyone! As a senior in high school, I've been so wrapped up in thinking about the future and working and schoolwork and friends and church and family etc...that I haven't spent as much time as I should recently to tell God "Thank you." After I worked as a camp counselor at Huachuca oaks Baptist Camp over the summer (everyone should go to camp!) and experienced an evacuation due to the Monument Fire, God caught my attention and told me "Harmony, no matter what happens, know that I have a plan for you and that I know what's best for you." Sometimes, I just have to slow down my life a bit until it's just me and God and say Thank You that He is who He is--the God who created everything. The God who is bigger than all of my worries. The God who has me in His hand and won't let go. I thank God for where I am in life right now, what He has done for me, and whatEVER he has in store for me in the future!