Yesterday, I shared a tentative music set for our next string of events in California. When I was organizing my set, I looked at the template, and chose four of my favorite worship songs to put in the worship session. I also thought about which order to put them in. Next, I picked out four of my favorite original songs LTF members wrote to add to our presentation section, being sure to add in time for the songwriters to speak briefly about their songs. I read the rest of the template, and saw that the music pieces for the prayer and response times had already been chosen. Unsure whether or not the songs chosen were appropriate, I chose another song, Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone to the mix if it was needed. While we were practicing the set yesterday, I noticed that a lot of problems occurred along the way. First of all, I was going to be video-taped (for my own benefit), and I hadn't expected that. Secondly, the practice was hasty due to time constraints, and the worship songs were barely worshipful at all, because we were still trying out how to play them. I had to admit, I felt uneasy about what was expected of me, but I had no choice but to do my best. But what was my best? I couldn't change the past--go back in time and start preparing for the set earlier, planning out song by song what I wanted it to sound like--because it was too late to change the fact that I didn't do that earlier. I had only chosen the songs, and tried to provide copies of music for our band members so that we would be at least somewhat ready to practice them. Clearly being prepared was not how I was going to be my best yesterday. The fact is, I'm an imperfect human. At that moment right before we were going to present the songs we practiced from my set, I knew I couldn't go on singing or playing the worship songs without first having my heart in the right place. In John 4:23, the Bible says, "But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him." After I was reminded that I needed to have God as the number one reason for preparing this music set, I prayed with the group and requested to sing Heart of Worship together. Being my best was having my heart in the right place. As Christian musicians, it's important to remember this: One simple, truly worshipful song, even if there are no instruments at all, is better than a song played by multiple skilled musicians if they are not playing for the glorification of God.