It’s unbelievable that a quarter of a year has already passed. I’m once again at another crossroad of life in which I have no idea which path I should take. It has been a difficult process trying to figure out what to do and I’ve been reflecting and thinking a lot about my life goals, what I want to accomplish and what I can do for God. Very thankfully, some of my concerns and struggles have been recently addressed through the life and experiences of some brothers and sisters that I met over Spring break. Their stories were extremely encouraging to me and were almost like an array of light in darkness. Right around the same time, as I was doing devotions, God spoke to me again through Scriptures. It’s amazing seeing how God hears and answers our prayers. Although there is still a long road to go, I know that I can rely on God and I hope that whatever decision I make, it will be according to His will and not mine.