Day two started off early with our first event at the American Cancer Society.  The girls got up at 6am for a prayer meeting and went to Foothill College to start setting up. It was so great seeing everyone gathered together to support the same cause. We wished that we could stay there longer to participate in the other events that they had organized! After the event, we moved our equipment immediately to CFC Church of Hayward to set up. It took us a long time to plan and arrange everything so we ended up getting back at around 11:30pm; We were quite tired! But thankfully we got to sleep in a little bit that night. The next morning, after our prayer meeting, we joined CFC's Chinese service. The message was on Gen 34, the story about what happened to Jacob's daughter and how Jacob's sons took revenge. Although I've read this story many times, I really enjoyed reading and learning about it again. It taught me about seeing Jacob in a new perspective that I didn't think about in the past and served as another great reminder about how I should live my life. After the service, we had short period of time to complete our set up and to do sound check before we started our event. I was a little worried about our style of music because we saw a surprising number of elderly which we did not expect, but when I saw them clapping happily (haha many clapping at random beats) to our rock songs, I was so encouraged. It's so wonderful being able to worship our God together with them, with our brothers and sisters, young and old! That's pretty much it for these two days....Sorry I didn't take any pictures!