As we set off on our long mission trip in California, we started our trip with a nice gathering prayer before we left. From that very moment, I could sense that every member in this group was getting ready for our long trip ahead - mentally, physically, and spiritually. We we're pretty lucky with our arrival in LA as well, with the journey being relatively nice weather and smooth traffic almost the entire way - in fact, it was probably one of the best rides that I've had to LA in my life. Of course, it's always fun to travel with close friends, which made this drive even more enjoyable. The first thing on our agenda was to go to the Far East Radio headquarters and check in for our radio interview. We all took our time in the studio being interviewed by a very nice woman in Chinese. Personally, it was probably the hardest interview I've ever had to endure in my life since my Chinese isn't as fluent as it could be - especially when I'm trying to describe the intricate emotions which are attached to the creation of my song. As for the others, I was able to watch my mom, Harmony, and Jerry get interviewed, and they we're wonderful speakers. Jerry seemed like he was in his natural zone (just another day at the studio, really), and Harmony was like herself - nice, sweet, and sincere. I'm sure that Kathy and Meixuan also had tons of fun doing the interview as well! After our radio interviews, we went to dinner at Ten Ren at Pacific Place in Monterey Park. Eating there makes me enjoy being in Cali that much more, with so much great and delicious Asian food to enjoy (mainly Taiwanese food for me though). However, the part after dinner that excited all of us was being able to finally head back to the hotel and go to the spa! Unfortunately for the girls, their locker room was under construction, so we all just spent time relaxing in the (freezing) pool and the jacuzzi. It's great to be able to have time to spend together as a group, whether it's spent relaxing, or if it's spent praying and worshipping God. Before we all headed out for the pool, we all congregated in my parent's room and we had a great prayer, thanking God for our safe travels and asking him to continuously watch over us for our upcoming trip in both NorCal and SoCal. I'm so excited to start building lasting friendships and ties with these churches in Cali, regardless of how little time we may have to spend with the people there. I think the one goal that I'm going to try to really set for myself is to try to reach out to as many people as I can during this trip. I've found it difficult in the past to really communicate effectively to the people in the churches that we've gone to in the past for our other missions trips, but this time, since there will be English speaking youth, I'm going to try my best in reaching out and attempt to be as amiable as possible - hopefully that works out! Let's just see what God has in store for all of us! But for now, it's quite late, so goodnight! God bless!