The worship and sharing session on the last couple hours of 2011 was a great memory. Many people stood through all the songs, sharings and prayers. It was great to see the people from the two Chinese churches in Tucson come together to worship, to share and to pray together. It was a night that I see in God's kingdom there is no separation. Everyone comes with a purpose and that was to worship Him. I want to thank God for my parents. They rushed to the event right after work. Even though they were tired but they stood the whole time. It was good to see them as a part of the congregation. Jonathan Koh was with us this time. Every time he is here he brought inspirations to us. He is our music instructor but he not only teach us music, he also helped us grow spiritually. We had a great time with he. He gave a short lesson about song writing and also shared about how to be a worship leader. Lastly I want to give thanks and praises to our Lord. It is because of Him that the event was held. From all the preparations, practice to equipments and location, we have prayed for months and the prayer was answered. Through this event we were able to deliver a blessing message. I pray for the two churches, families and friends that in 2012 we can all do something wonderful for our God, pray to Him and Praise Him everyday.