Hey guys! I just wanted to post some things I am really thankful for this year because Thanksgiving is coming up in less than a month!

But first: an update about LTF!

This August, Winston left us to go back to California  so we found ourselves short one member.  However, God continued to bless us and brought Harmony into this group so we were back to five members.  But as usual, God always gives us more than we could ever hope for and so He also led Ryan (from Phoenix) to join us! Although our band is completely different than before, I hope that we can continue to give our best to Him because He gave His best to us!  This is our current group dynamic: Jerry (bass), Yee (drums and alto saxaphone), Harmony (keyboard), Ryan (Violin and accoustic guitar), Meixuan (accoustic guitar and electric guitar),  and me (Keyboard and Synth).  I must say that we are all working hard to have an awesome group that is not only musically sound, but also unified in one Spirit.  Please pray that we will fit together as a band and also to grow spiritually, and to be encouraging and positive to each other! =)  Also pray for Meixuan as she starts to learn how to play electric guitar, and as well as for Ryan because he is learning the accoustic guitar.  I know that by God's never ending grace we can achieve anything!

Anyways, back to the things that I am thankful for! I'll just list them so it's easier to read =)

1. That we have new members, which also means new friends

2. For friends that care for me, and encourage me to grow spiritually

3. For my loving family 

4. For the opportunity to go to LTF, as well as the opportunity to serve in church

5. For the cooling of the weather so that it is no longer 100 degrees F outside

6. For the opportunity to go to school and get a college degree

There are lots more, but that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great day =)

Oh for another prayer request, I lost my voice so if you could help pray for me that would be awesome!

We have our Thanksgiving events coming up!

In Phoenix: Formosa Church (11/20 at 7:30PM) and GPCCC (11/21) In Tucson: First Southern Baptist Church ( 11/26 at 7:30PM)