I am Yee.

I recently finished my undergrad in LA and now I'm spending my time working and serving in musical ministry however I can. 

I grew up in a Christian family, so growing up to being a Christian wasn’’t really anything that came as a surprise to me or seem like of any sort of significance. It was only until later on in middle school and high school where I started to learn that my own decision in being Christian was solely, my own decision. I didn’’t learn about the importance of committing to a relationship with God until I had experienced the lives of my parents and my family. There’s a lot of pressure on my parents to try to keep the business up and running. However, seeing the lives that my parents live on a day-to-day basis provided me with a spectacle of what a grown up life is really like. When rough times came, my parents always showed a massive reliance towards God; however, their faithfulness in God was not only shown in tough times, but also throughout the great times. It was, from what I saw, almost unwavering.

Part of the reason for my dad’s relentless support in this business is because he supports Christian missionaries and other types of related work. It showed me that whatever he did, he did it for God. This is something that I know is rare to find in this world, especially with someone who is in charge of a company. It just goes to show that being as a faithful follower of God, I should instead, focus all of my efforts in life to be God centered, as opposed to being self centered. Even though I had come to that realization, I couldn’’t actually act upon it. The reason for this was because, as I have learned from the Bible, God tells us to love everyone -- our parents, our friends, and especially our enemies. Truthfully, with my parents being so busy, it’s hard for me to love them when I see so little of them because they’'re so busy. I’’ve been fighting continuously with myself, trying to tell myself that my parents really, truly do care for me, but the other side of my conscious keeps telling me that they just care for me, but that’s all. Through time, I came to a final realization: my parents care for me, and they show their love and care to me as much as they can. God has placed me in a situation where I am allowed to see the true spectacle of how tough life can be, and has given me the responsibility to observe and learn from my situation.

There are times where I think that I am at a total loss, having no one around me that loves or cares for me, but as my high school English teacher told me one day, “"You’re in a good place Yee. You’'re surrounded by people who love you. It’s true.” Although I’m not sure if she’'s Christian or not, she, nonetheless, had the ability to see through my own sorrow, and notice that I truly do live in a community of people who care and love me. It’'s a privilege to be serving with a part of that community in this foundation as well.

My hope is that with this group of long time friends, we can use our experience serving in church and mission trips in Asia, and combine them to serve even more to people who have not yet heard about God, or who are not yet accepting God. It doesn’’t matter if it’s just one person who we can save, but what truly matters is that that one person WAS saved. As common as this idea is, I believe that in this Christian community of people who I have grown up with in Church, we truly do serve for God and we serve for that purpose only. Not for the purpose of making ourselves feel good, because we are not great musicians nor perfect people, but I trust that given the chance, we will do all that we can to fulfill God’s will.

If we ever meet in person, don't be shy to say hi!