For the past 2 and a half weeks, we've been filming on various days for three new music videos!

The experience was a grueling one for me, mostly because I had to make sure that filming worked out with all of our schedules, we all got the shots that we needed, and that everyone knew what to wear/bring. Sometimes, communication wasn't that easy between people, but with God's love and provision, we got done what we had to get done, with the time that was given to us. Most importantly, I had a lot of fun getting to know Michael Hsiu and Kathy better because we spent so much time together filming during the day for one-person narrative shots. God really blessed us with safe travels, yummy food, and fun fellowship time! 

Another reason, however, why it was a grueling week for me was because I couldn't attend any of the shifts that I was supposed to on my internship at a tv station in town. Instead, I had to switch my shifts from my normal times to the early morning shifts from 3am-noon. Even though it was tiring, I'm glad I experienced those shifts, and I'm really thankful that my schedule is back to normal! 

The three songs that we're now editing the music videos for are: Jesus You Are There, Forever Worship You, and Your Girl. These three songs should all be on our Media>Music page! Stay tuned--we'll hopefully be done with the music videos in a month or two!!