Hey everyone! I know that it has been a while since the mission trip to Taiwan has been over, but I thought it would be good to take some time aside to reflect on it, and to let everyone know how this trip has impacted me.

When we first got the confirmation that we were going to to Taiwan, I was extremely excited not only because we could go to Taiwan, but because this was going to be the first mission trip that LTF will be going on.  As for me, this was going to be the first time that I would be playing keyboard as well as singing for a mission trip.

I am so thankful that as a college student I have had the opportunity to go to and do God's work this summer, and to interact with all of the different people there.  They were welcoming at every church we went to, and the courtesy and kindness they extended to us left a big impression on me, and made me think of how I should act as well.  It is not easy to open up to people that you don't know, but the people of Taiwan took the love that God has for them and in turn gave it to us.  Even though we didn't know each other, they still took us in as brothers and sisters in Christ.

As for the musical aspect, I have grown so much through the experience of not only leading  worship, but multi-tasking playing two keyboards at once and singing.  Our group was so blessed to have Jonathan Koh and Chuck Hong come and work with us!  From the first moment that they opened their mouths to help us, we started a monumental growth... and their coaching kept us growing up to the last event.  Even now, we have their words in our hearts as we practice in Tucson.  Even though they aren't physically with us, their help and patience will always impact us.  It really helps to remind us that we are not professional musicians, and that we have an extremely long way to go before we hit that point.  However, God is continuing to mold us and shape us into what He wants us to be. And even though it is not easy, as long as we keep Him first, He will continue to guide us.

One thing that really stuck with me during this trip, and will continue to be in my thoughts, was Jonathan's teachings about praise and worship.  Being part of LTF and the worship team at my church, I tend to forget the real purpose of what worship is.  It is so easy to get carried away, and to lose sight of what is the most important thing: the relationship with God, and bringing others to praise Him.  Jon really reminded me what being a worship leader is all about, and that is to really open up to Him, to let go of everything else and to focus just on Him.  I suppose you could call it an emotional surge, but to me I think it is more than that.  To praise God is such a privilege! God is so much more important than the President, than the Queen of England... but we often forget that.  We alienate God as something who is not physically present... and that Jesus is more like an idol in our minds than an actual person.  But worship throws all that out the door, and it puts us face to face with our awesome Creator.

I realize that I started to ramble a little bit near the end of this post, but this is pretty much my end of the story.  Please continue to pray for our group as the new school year has begun and practice for LTF has also started.  Winston has unfortunately left us and is continuing on the path that God has prepared for him.  Luckily, we also have a new member, Harmony, who has started to practice with us.  Please pray for both of them as God leads them to a new stage in their lives!

Well that is it for now! God bless! I know that LTF is going to have another awesome year as God leads us one step at a time!