Hey guys! LTF has started this new year with some new goals and challenges, among which is to try to create some songs that we can put on this website, as well as to perhaps have Streams of Praise come and  give us a workshop/ some training.  Since none of us are professional musicians, it is not gonna be easy!  I really praise that God that He has never stopped blessing us and leading the way for us... it's not easy to always work together and to get things accomplished.  However, He has a plan for us and we are doing our best to not do what we want to do, but do what He wants us to do!

We recently sent SOP a DVD from our Thanksgiving event (live recording from our praise night) so that they can listen to it and hopefully come and give us a workshop/ train us.  Right now, our situation is very much like theirs when they first started, and so it would be really great if they could come and give us a few words of advice!

As for the songs we are recording, we are "re-doing" songs as exercises and to prepare us to be able to eventually write our own songs.  What we did first was choose a Christian song that none of us knew, found the chords and lyrics online, and then came up with our own style and melody line for the song without listening to the original.  Of course we can't put these on an actual CD, but it is still great practice regardless.  What we are doing now is taking hymns (since they don't have copyright issues) and changing them up.  As of right now, we are working on "The First Noel" and while using the same melody line for the verses and chorus, we worked together and wrote a bridge for it too, turning it into a worship song.  Although it is nowhere near being finished, I can already see the improvement that we've had since we first started LTF.  I honestly can say that I never thought that we would be able to write bits and pieces of songs ourselves... and have them sound not half bad!  The work of God can be clearly seen at work!

That's all I have to share for now... Please pray that we can continue to be guided by Him and to not lose sight of why we are doing all of this!  There is always room to change and grow and to be molded into what He wants us to be!

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! =)