Winston and I recently just visited 新生命小组教会(NEW LIFE) again to join their practice. Again, this practice was full of energy and all of the people there show that they truly are willing to serve with all their hearts.

This time, however, it was a different experience because they had another team that ended up practicing, and they had a different person lead the worship practice. There was a less experienced team with students that hadn't had as many chances to serve at the team from the previous week. However, even though their playing abilities weren't as great as the other team, it was evident during the hour beforehand, where they have prayer and Bible study, all the people there, whether they were students or were already working, their spiritual lives are definitely something that they always put first. When we had discussions about each other's spiritual lives and what impact the night's bible verse had, or what we thought about it, it was clear to me that these people took serving and all the other things that they do in life outside of church, as things that are done all for God. Whether it's how they behave outside of church or how they serve inside church, God is always the one that they look to and pray to for guidance before they do anything. The topic that was for discussion (from Psalms 63:1-7) was about David and his thirst and hunger in the desert. However, even in such desperate times, he still praised the Lord and his mouth watered for praise like how it would water from juicy meat. It posed the question to everyone about whether or not we would praise the Lord and thank Him no matter what situation we were in - whether it was a horrible, depressing situation, or a great and happy situation. I have to admit that I don't think that I can always do what David did, but I do pray to God everyday for guidance in how I behave and to be thankful for what He's given me.

On a different note, their practice was just as lively as last week. I feel like, no matter who is leading the team, everyone gives their all, and everyone treats it as a time to worship God, and not as a time to ONLY practice. We can learn a lot from seeing how they go about their practice and how they think of it in their mind. No matter who is playing, or who is standing by the side, or who is singing, they all have a united state of mind, which is simply to serve to their best ability. However, it's not all serious, and they do enjoy playing music as well, but it's the combination of their willingness to serve and the enjoyment that they show WHILE they serve.

Sometimes, when we're practicing, it feels like we're too tired and we're not able to practice as much as we should or as much as we can, and it feels like we need a break. It's dangerous to fall into a situation where you become tired of serving or tired of practicing, to the point where it simply becomes a habitual process that you don't think twice about in your mind. Once you lose that enthusiasm to serve, your spiritual relationship with God begins to diminish very quickly. This was part of a sermon by their pastor last week. The main point being that, you can't come to church or serve in church based upon how much fun it is and how the people there make you laugh or what friends you make, or else you'll lose interest soon enough. You have to have a real spiritual connection with God in order to allow your relationship with God to grow, and to really realize the true meaning of worshiping God. This was a lesson that I found extremely worth noting since we're coming to Taiwan to worship Him and to praise Him, it's important to keep track of the real meaning as to what we have come here to do.