For these past two days, June 19-20, Winston and I have been going around Taiwan looking at different churches. We're traveling around just to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings and the stage so we know what we'll need for our upcoming praise nights in the month of July. However, we decided to join 新生命小组教会(NEW LIFE) for their Saturday and Sunday services, to experience what a large church was like in Taipei, especially with thousands of high school and college students attending every week.

It was a great time, joining them in their worship. Even though Winston and I can't read Chinese that well or fast, it wasn't as easy as singing praise songs compared to if they were in English, but that didn't stop us from raising our hands to praise God! The worship team was amazing, and I saw a whole new approach as to how to really lead the congregation into the mood of really praising God. The energy that the worship team had was vibrant and never ending-there seemed to be a constant flow of energy in the whole area, which seemed to amaze me. Having seen many different churches lead worship, 新生命小组教会(NEW LIFE) has probably one of the most enthusiastic and full-hearted teams.

We have much to learn in order to lead our own congregation back at home into the same spiritual mindset, and in these upcoming weeks, Winston and I are hopeful in learning from this team. I'm praying that it all goes well and that we can take from it an experience that we'll never forget!