Last week, LTF was on break because it was the University of Arizona's spring break.  For me, it was a life-changing period of time because I got engaged!  It is still unbelievable to think about even though it is already 2 weeks later! Through this entire event, it is clear to me that God has plan for me and my fiancee and He has guided our relationship these past few years that we have been dating.  The more I got to know my fiancee, the more I realized that God was there with us every step of the way... and it is because of Him that we were able to grow spiritually (as well as change) together in the same way; we had the same goal to be a better Christian.  Because of this, we grew closer and came to be more understanding of each other.  Through our interactions with each other, we became molded to become more like what God wanted us to be... and I am looking forward to the future that I will be spending with my fiancee and continuing on that path together!