On Sunday, November 21, LTF headed up to Chandler, AZ to host a Sunday service at Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian Church (GPCCC). We held the entire service for the youth, and it was a great experience. Our friend's Uncle Peter and Aunt Vicky helped us with the powerpoints, and Jonathan Koh was a great help in getting us set up. The service in itself was a great experience. It seemed awkward at first, since we hadn't properly introduced ourselves, but after the first testimony, they seemed to lighten up. Having the chance to worship in English with a congregation that was the same age as us made the worship so much easier. As the service progressed, with testimonies given by me, Meixuan, and Kathy, the mood of worship seemed to resonate greater, especially with One Way. Being able to praise God with a new group of people is definitely a privilege, as well as being able to spend their Sunday school time to interact and connect with new brothers and sisters in Christ. After having served in Phoenix for the weekend, it's always great to spend time with new people, knowing that we all worship God for the same reason. Hopefully, we'll get a chance soon to go back to Phoenix to spend time with the people back at GPCCC again!

God bless!