Into my second year of college already, I just can't believe how fast time is flying by. One of the biggest things that I've been learning this semester is that throughout our days and experiences, God is constantly pursuing us and desiring to catch our attention. He wants to remember Him, love Him, and desire a deeper relationship with Him, instead of being complacent in living lukewarm lives in this world. The last Saturday of October, I had a pretty scary car accident on the highway near the Raleigh-Durham Airport. I was the only one in the car, a Honda CR-V,and there were no other cars involved. I was driving away from the Airport back to Duke University, and shortly after I merged onto the highway I wanted to switch lanes. Not realizing that there was a car to my left, I over-corrected when I did realize that it was there. However, my car swerved from the over-correction and I ended up swerving a couple of times. Finally, I swerved to the right where there was an exit, but the force of swerving caused the car to flip over on its side three times. Once the car stopped rolling, it was on its driver's side. I remember I couldn't believe what had happened. I made sure that I could feel every part of my body and that nothing hurt. I was unscratched. That's when I started crying. I felt so much guilt at that moment for crashing the car, which wasn't mine in the first place (it was my boyfriend's) and I didn't know how he, my parents, or his parents would all take it. Moreover, I didn't know why I wasn't hurt. I didn't lose consciousness, none of the shattered glass hit me, and the accident was entirely my fault. I looked around me for the first time and saw my cell phone on the ground outside the shattered window next to me, which I was looking at for directions. A smoothie my boyfriend had bought was empty with its contents splattered on the interior of the car. I sat sideways and my right leg was laying against the steering wheel. Between my leg and the steering wheel, though, was a Bible. My boyfriend kept a small Bible underneath the middle compartment of his car, and it had somehow made its way between my right leg and the steering wheel during the roll. The only thing I could think of then was, "God is the reason why I'm not hurt. He protected me. He's still thinking of me and caring about me, even though I don't deserve it." Soon after, paramedics, nurses, and my boyfriend came (he cancelled his flight), and one thing happened after another to clean up the situation with the car... After everything, I knew that God is as real today to me as he was when I accepted him as Savior. Maybe even more so because He physically saved my life, which is very tangible compared to the sins he took away from me when I believed in Him at a young age. His love is gentle yet unrelenting and jealous.  He calls me higher, deeper, into a pure and holy relationship with Him and the people around me. I hope that this post has encouraged, updated, and given every reader something to think about and be thankful for this holiday season!

With love, Harmony

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