I can't believe how much has happened between now and when we first started recording for our first album. I remember that we encountered many trials before getting to this point, and I have to say that we owe so much to God as a team and a family that we were able to complete this segment in our journey together that led us up to this point. I saw the strength and faith that God gave to my mom, who ultimately pushed us and gave us the determination and energy to finish this album. One of the most poignant memories I have during our recording process goes back to a long recording session one Saturday. Harmony brought to attention, quite suddenly, what the purpose and point of this album was. I still struggle between the processes of spiritual work and strictly business work. When producing an album like this, there's always and should be a question of "What am I/we doing this for?" Is it for money, or fame, or religious works, or even for all of the above? Immediately, after Harmony brought this to the attention of all of us in the midst of recording her song, we took the time to sit down, and pray. I'm pretty sure that none of us could exactly identify the precise goal of what we were doing. Now, however, a year later, I think that we've all moved on into a different stage in our journey, and we can see more clearly what it is that we want to do with the music that we've created, written, recorded, and finally produced for God! It's a great feeling to be at this stage, and I hope that we can continue to spread the love and the word of God through our music ministry, regardless of how far our team is from one another physically. I am always so thankful for the chances that LTF has provided for me and the other team members to be able to meet together to worship and play music, and I pray that we have many more chances to come in the future.

- Yee