Life transforming foundation is about sharing the love that god has shown us.


We're a Chinese Christian Music Ministry focused on using our lyrics, notes, and most importantly, the testimonies from our everyday lives to transform the world around us. We're from a small city called Tucson and we began in the back of a small warehouse 8 years ago with one simple goal: to share with you the love that God has shown us through music and praise, and to worship together as one heart and one body united in Christ! 


our vision

One life is able to influence another to live for God.

Over the past few decades there has been great favor as God has given the church the gift of songs of praise and worship. Although in David’s generation God revealed to the people that it was by His good pleasure to use this method to bring blessing to the people and draw them near to Himself, it is in our modern times that we are have really begun to flourish. In any kind of worship service (Sunday worship in particular), songs of praise and worship help us to open the eyes of our hearts and know that God is with us and to bring God’s word into each person’s heart.

As our youth offer up praise and worship, we recognize that their service is a need and the hope for the church. Even though each individual church may not have the resources and opportunities, equipping the youth cannot be delayed; therefore we founded the Life Transforming Foundation (LTF) to offer young people of the local church an opportunity to serve through discipleship and cultivate the future of the Kingdom of God by raising up new workers for God. Through our experience in serving God with various praise and worship ministries over the last decade, we have realized that equipping and training our youth has never been more urgent. Regardless of background, as long as they have a willing heart, there is a great opportunity to be equipped and to be used by God.

The vision of our foundation is that God will use LTF to equip our youth with all the necessary tools, and we seek to do so solely for the glory of God’s Kingdom. Our youth not only represent the future leaders of our society, but they also represent soldiers serving for the Kingdom of God. It is through this foundation that a platform is provided for young people to be equipped to serve. However, it is not only in the skills of musical worship and praise that we seek growth; rather there must be change in that person so they will be able to live the life God intended for them - that the Spirit of God can be seen in and through them.

We believe that only life can influence other lives, and it is through their actions and service that they will be changed and continue to grow. Through serving they are able to influence and change their own lives so that many more young people can be influenced and changed by turning to God, even to the point that these new believers can also become the hand-picked soldiers in God’s Kingdom.

Lanfong & Tim

Founders of Life Transforming Foundation